A term used in reference to Sony Entertainment. It is a play on words, combining the word Soy with the company's name, SONY, poking fun at how their business panders to less avid gamers and "Soyboy". It is often used in Console War discussions to belittle Sony Entertainment fans.

Also see, Snoyboy.
We all know SNOY is the one pushing Jewish agendas onto its games, seething snoyboy.
by TackyPack January 2, 2019
A huge weeb who attempts to deny their true self and tries to protect their own image by calling others weebs. More often than not a snoy will turn out to be a furry. They have no respect for themselves or for others.
Casper: Woah that guy just called me a weeb. What a snoy.
Tommy: I know right
by Fucking Furries August 24, 2018
Seedy Nest Of Immorality
by Anonymous August 20, 2003
The Snoi is the fearless leader of the human tribe, typically called mijo or stanley for short
Why’re you acting like a snoi today, you know you could never
by Shablown November 10, 2021
A phrase people used when an individual has nothing else to say, is reminded of the saying, or just feels the urge to say nonsense words.
"Bro what are you saying?"
"Abila snoy, bashila noy! Show them the shoy!"
by EJB1 April 10, 2022