Military jargon meaning: S.ituation N.ormal A.ll F.ucked U.p
Colonel Potter used this term in an episode of M*A*S*H*, "Typical supply house SNAFU."
by Tom Bone February 21, 2006
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Acronym, "Situation Normal, All Fucked Up." Generally associated with the millitary, especially in use during the Vietnam war.
"Everything in bravo sector is snafu, over."
by Neatoman May 24, 2006
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n. A chaotic or confused situation.
adj. In a state of confusion or chaos.
tr.v. To make confused or chaotic.
this situation is snafus
by Jessica April 12, 2005
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Murphy's Law for the Military; acronym for Situation Normal, All Fucked Up
We planned the the latest mission for three days, but as usual it was a real snafu when it finally happened.
by Mike March 20, 2004
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This is actually an acronym, standing for "Situation Normal, All Fouled (or Fucked) Up". Comes from World War I or WWII army guys.
Damn, this Jeep's engine is all snafu'd. This war is a snafu.
by Johnny Cumm May 25, 2005
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Situation Normal All Fucked Up. Refers to a regular or normal activity or situation that, for a reason or another, turns awfully bad or doesn't go as planned. Was apparently used in the Vietnam war by soldiers when an unexpected event or attack took everyone off gard.
-So how was the party last night? Why do you have a black eye?
-It was cool at first, then a bunch of drunks came in and then it was complete SNAFU, bottle flew all over the place, and first thing I knew I got a blow in the face.
by Mark Grenier March 22, 2008
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