Attractive female (or male), sexxxy looking, hot.
Look at her, she is SMOKIN' HOT.
look at her, she's banging.

by F.L. April 22, 2006
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A perfect ten female has it all - beautiful hair, face, tits, waist, ass and legs. And dressed in a very sexy and revealing way.
by EarlyBirdSRQ September 13, 2016
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When someone is obvious drug-addled or absolutely crazy, but are extremely attractive none the less. Like smokin' hot, but for crack whores.
I got lost downtown and got solicited by some tranny hookers, and I must say, some of them were pretty crack-smokin' hot!
by Shiza and Friends October 27, 2008
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the natural bowel movement caused from an all-you-can-eat mexican buffet, when gallons of acid come screaming out your anus causing it to burn your anal hairs, while releasing the rest through your mouth
Smokin hot bloody pupe came rushing out of me after going down on my girlfriend and getting a mouthful of herpes
by wizard_of_xtc May 5, 2005
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basically u jus da bomb. u look good, talk good, smell good, etc. hot- u sexxi smokin- u on fire nd b whippin it- u leave dat deal impression
Damn! He da hot smokin whip!
Girl wat you talking bout? Im da hot smokin whip u betta ask somebody!
by Imani OhsoBossy Gates July 11, 2008
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A penis that is 100% filling some sort of a hole tonight, most likely a woman’s.
Darren: Dude Trixette flies into the city tonight for the weekend, you know what that means...?

Spence : Locate that Smokin’ Hot Meat Wagon homie, someone is getting put to bed wet tonight!
by Orkawhale March 7, 2018
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