Stock Keeping Unit. Every uniquely identifiable item in an inventory is a SKU. Any variation on the product such as coming from a different vendor, having a different size or color, or having different packaging must be inventoried as a separate SKU to be inventoried as a different item. SKUs are each assigned a distinct number. This number is a unique identifier for the unit and is also referred to as a SKU.
=>These chips are low sodium, so they are a different SKU than those regular variety chips you're holding.
=>I need to look up that lamp for a price check. Will you read the SKU to me?
by Kilor September 8, 2005
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a combination of sketch and sus, making the word superior to either of its parents.
sierra’s behavior has been extremely skus recently.
by letsgetsomebreadandchipsbro September 28, 2019
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Another way to say cool. It is a n abbreviated form of "s'cool" which originates from "that's cool."
That instagram picture you posted is sku
by FormidableSoul December 28, 2016
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Yet another racial slur against black people. A slur that the black people don't know yet so you can use it in front of them. It comes about due to the fact that they do not know how to properly say "school" They say "sku"
Ex1:That sku over there needs to pull up his goddamn pants.

Ex2:Goddamn Skus
by CrazyLife May 29, 2007
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School, used by uneducated borderline mentally disabled urbanites who can't spell out the word "School" in its entirety. This is most likely due to the whole "Sch" sound that they are unable to transfer from vocal use to print.
"Sku is almost pau so itz tyme to parT"
by Hasz June 3, 2004
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a skank with white/blonde streaks in her dark hair
That sku-ank looks pretty skanky with those streaks in her hair.
by THEO G. May 9, 2008
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It's the most facts ever spoken and just means that if you don't have a lot of money you are boring
- Hello butler Charles how are you today?
- I am very good thnk you, I just saw someone drive an Audi
- ahahahah "de fattige er sku så kedelige"
by Man, Myth, Legend ossi January 3, 2022
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