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Secret Internet Fatty.

The SIF is quite adept at hiding his or her fat on the Internet. Usually a LiveJournal or MySpace user, they use Photoshop, high-constrast photos, and strategic camera angles to appear thinner.
by indiefocker January 23, 2005
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guy 1 >hey did you talk to tori today?
guy 2> no i found out she and her friends are SIFS
by jenFACE March 05, 2006
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1. Secret Internet Fatty; 2. Any person who takes flattering photos of themselves to hide their bulging fat rolls and dosn't put up a disclamer to those who seem to be ... interested.
"So I met this girl on myspace right. We talked for weeks and figured it was time to hang out and get a cup of coffee. Oh man, I walked in and took one look at her ... yelled SIF and then promptly left. It was horrid"
by detroitgoth December 08, 2006
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Secret Internet Fattie

they learn ways to edit pictures of themselves and use angles when taking said pictures to make themselves look thin and hot even though they aren't.
Brookyln beatdown on myspace is a SIF and still won't post pictures to prove she isn't.
by sage_darkmoon April 04, 2006
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molly: omg that girl is huge!
tina: i saw her pics on myspace, i thot she was skinny!
molly: wow what a sif!
by Sarah B. August 07, 2007
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A shortened version of "as if". Commonly found in online gaming circles.
Sif you know what you're doing, noob.
by Redknob November 21, 2002
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