Secret Internet Fatty.

The SIF is quite adept at hiding his or her fat on the Internet. Usually a LiveJournal or MySpace user, they use Photoshop, high-constrast photos, and strategic camera angles to appear thinner.
by indiefocker January 24, 2005
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Usually people who are online like on myspace or facebook or stickam cough-rachelmuffin-cough try to look skinny in pictures by doing hours of photoshop and cropping just to hide all that fat. And usually sits on cam like a dead ghost just so they dont show a roll of fat. Usually SIFs are internet zombies and spend all there time trying to look good for the internets so they can hypnotize them into thinking they are some hot 6 pack surfer dude or some big boobed emo/scene chick.
Rachel muffin sits on stickam all day as a SIF trying to get scene guys by trying to look cute and flaunting those fat breasts. And big breasts have a different meaning between fat breasts because fat breasts consists of all the stored fat from food like mcdonalds,wendys,burger king and the lack of excercise.
by MikeLitoris/MLM September 2, 2010
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SIF is an acronym that stands for Simple, Informative, Factual. Many people consider the SIF philosophy as their consistent state of mind. SIF can be applied in any field, be it practical, creative, or social.
Teacher: "Are you applying SIF on your essay?"
Student: "Yes, of course. That's why I'm so successful."
by Pootispenser April 6, 2017
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Screwed In Fantasy. The act of being screwed in a fantasy sport by a fantasy sports player. Then, going to and posting to make sure that all of your friends and foes read about it.

How you can get screwed: Your fantasy catcher gets benched on Sunday and you lose by one hit, giving your nemesis the week's victory. Your top notch wide receiver doesn't grab a catch on Sunday, costing you a valuable 10-15 fantasy points. Your favorite basketball player steps on someone's foot and is out for 4-6 weeks. Your fantasy hockey player misses the game winning shot, and your chance at a fantasy championship.

The list goes on and on.
I took Joe Nathan in the 10th round of the draft after two other closers went, knowing Nathan was a guaranteed 40+ saves a year. One week later he goes under Tommy John surgery and I'm out of a player and a solid draft pick. You really SIF'ed me on this one Nathan.
by Screwed In Fantasy April 10, 2010
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- "Whoah, did you see her knock out that 500-lb ex-convict/sexual predator?"

- "Yeah, she's a total SIF."
by ecjs October 29, 2008
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Guy 1:Hey your sisters SIF

Guy 2:Man fuck you
Guy 3:He's right she is SIF
Guy 2:Fuck all y'all
by Raw Faith November 6, 2009
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