Noun. Acronym.
Shake Hit Of Death. (Marijuana)
Be careful, Champ, I loaded you a SHOD.
by John Doja April 24, 2007
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Acronym for 'Slam Head on the Desk'.
Kinda like slamming ones head on a wall after doing something stupid.
Person: "I just closed the program and lost all my work. *shod*"
by Manderinos May 6, 2009
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Country-fried Southern for "shed" as in shedding an old skin, habit, person, etc. Getting rid of something.
I done got shod of that old car.
by BellaAyla May 29, 2007
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alternative to f***
Shod you, Bob.
by Buddhu February 14, 2019
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A beautiful lightskin boy that has such a great heart, very loyal, and will treat you right. He also has such a beautiful smile.
Girl 1: Shod smile is the most beautiful thing to me
Girl 2: When he smiles, it make my heart melt
Girl 3: I wish I can have him!
by YummyMustard December 12, 2018
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lacking quality, cheap, sloppy, flimsy, created with very little thought or planning
The slip shod computer program not only didn't work, in some cases, it di the exact opposite of what was intended.
by David R.W. Wadsworth October 28, 2005
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the act of kicking a person while they are down.
I knocked him out with the first punch, so I proceeded to shod foot the stupid fucker.
by Deer Man July 27, 2005
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