Source Film Maker. Where machinimas of games such as team fortress, gmod, and half life are made. If its a youtube video with (SFM) next to it then its probably gonna be a machinima of one of these games.
That SFM video of the Medic and the Engineer was really funny.
by awolunicorn April 2, 2015
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Middle school and high school basketball coaches who marry their students are usually considered SFMs.
by CB + PT January 7, 2009
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I hate school; I need an SFM right now.
Let's get turnt on SFMs.
SFMs all around.
by TranMan April 24, 2014
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Guy 1: “Yo ur stupid
Guy 2: “Shut up bro, SFM”
Guy 1: “ TAKE THAT BACK!!!!”
by SexySally24 November 11, 2017
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Shot For Me, Something an ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend would be upset to read, or hear.
I'm so happy with my new life, SFM
by xXdeathbringaXx December 4, 2011
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Same For Me
Person 1: Broooo I failed my fucking math test


What THE HELL should i DOOO?!
Person 2: I don't know? sfm anyway..
Person 1: *bursts out laughing*

Person 2: *starts laughing as well*
Person 1: *dies laughing*
Person 2: What the fu- *dies laughing*

the second part is a little out of context but thats ok, isn't it senpai? uwu
by sussy shiraki meiko uwu November 15, 2021
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