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Short for: Stone Face Killa

1. One who is extremely manly
2. Someone with the strength of Chuck Norris and brains of Albert Einstein
3. A collecter of many random things that might be found in the trash
4. One who might kill 1000 people for pleasure
5. A person you dream of killing you

Syn: Beastly, Manly, Godly, Strong, Deadly
Ant: everything else
"Damn man, I just saw an SFK rip someones heart out with his bare hands" said Sean "I bet he wasn't a real SFK; prove it" said Madison. "I KNOW HE WAS BECAUSE THEN HE USED THE HEART AS A CARBURETOR FOR HIS TRUCK"
by Cheepiopi December 12, 2006
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in addittion to my previous entry:

A newer name to the first in a short line of Stone Face Killa's is The Original to distinguish him from his offspring and more generations to come. He has also been referred to by a brave few as, Stoned Face Killa.

Noun Forms:
6. One who may break the laws of gravity, henceforth breaking the laws of gravity bongs, and single handedly breaking a 5 gallon jug, appropriately named Bongoliath, by hitting it.
7. A form of renaissance man, one who is skilled in every area known to man, and many not yet known to man.
8. What the army is really talking about when they say "An Army of One"
9. One who has created their own language involving a grunting sound and a "MM" sound, and EVERYONE understands it clearly.
10. One who befriends a monster known as a Bruceskeet.
11. A man that wears jeans, hand cut to shorts at upper thigh height.

Verb Forms:
1. If somebody looks at you in a way you would like to shrivle up and die.
2. The act of fixing something in a rather cheap but efficiant way.
3. To conquer an entire 30 rack by ones self.
1."Yo man George Bush is a moron, the weapons of mass destruction arent in Iraq SFK inhabites Massachusetts."
3. "My dad can kick your dad's ass" said young Johnny. With a bit of a Mickey Mouse like face and a chuckle, all Kirk replied was,"My dad is an SFK" Johnnys dad was later found obliterated at a PTA meeting.
by Cheepiopi Mackawanga May 07, 2007
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1. Super Fucking Kool
2. Short Fat Kid
That Conner kid over there is clearly known as sfk.
by Jimdabooh November 13, 2007
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sick fucking kid.
heard it in the movie United States of Leland.
he's an sfk.

Example must have at least 20 letters and 3 words. Thats a bit strict...
by imacop July 31, 2005
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"Stay Fresh Kids"

A group of high school,college people that looks nice and dresses well,these kids or people stays original and likes to keep their shoe game on. they like to stand out and outstyle most of the people that tries to dress better than them-just make sure you look nice and be "pretty" and "fresh" to be one of the cool kids.They not only dress up but also talented,singing and dancing are also their passion,you jus stay fresh-kid
Those people are S.F.K.

S.F.K are "Undefeated".

You look S.F.K
by hiim February 20, 2009
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