Shit fer brains - someone who makes bad decisions and has no common sense.
His poor decision-making reflects his SFB.
by CATX gal June 18, 2013
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Acronym for SHIT FOR BRAINS.

A descriptor for stupid people and people who either do not think or lack a capacity to think.

A total idiot.
Example 1:
That SFB over there is picking a fight with a cop. I bet he wins a Darwin Award.

Example 2:

Seatack Air traffic control, this is N50669 and I need a landing clearance now. I can n o longer maintain a holding pattern. I am getting a five minute warning on my fuel gauges.

Air Traffic Controller:
N50669, maintain holding pattern until advised to land.

Seatack Air Traffic Control, What is your malfunction SFB? I am 30 seconds into a five minute warning light on my fuel gauges Either you give me a clearance now or I am putting this bird down on top of another airliner because in about four minuets I will be graivity's bitch.

Air Traffic Controller:
N50669, you do not have landing clearance.

Air Traffic Control, Listen SFB, I am at 3 minuets and thirty seconds and counting as I am running out of fuel. I am on approach and the two of us can discuss this malfunction face to face when I land this bird. I am declaring an emergency landing so make way because daddy is coming home!

Example 3:
Your dog is so stupid you should have named him SFB.

What does that mean?

You dog has Shit For Brains.
by Fractious1 June 29, 2018
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So F***** Bored
As a status:
by K.LM19 September 03, 2011
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That girl that stayed at my house last night was such a sfb. She didnt know how to use thr microwave
by Eladen88 January 17, 2018
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SFB (Settle For Black): When a large white women reaches a certain age, viable white mates all but vanish, but there's always the option to 'settle for black'.
Damn, Heather's like she's put on a few. Another few years of that kind of diet, and she'll have to SFB.
by Don's Johnson February 28, 2012
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