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How's Your SEMPI?
SEMPI is the name of the acronym within the 'SEMPI Social Communication Model' by Alyse Price-Tobler (MCAP). The 'SEMPI SCM' holistic based model that covers all aspects of a persons physical and mental health.
The 'SEMPI SCM' has been designed to stop the loneliness, isolation, bullying, and stigma associated with mental health and disabilities, and is based on an altruistic, reciprocal, pay it forward philosophy.

The SEMPI SCM teaches and empowers any person, how to have a deeper level of conversation. If you ask someone, β€˜ARE YOU O.K?’ AND THEY SAY NO, the SEMPI SCM then comes into play. It teaches the skills of communication, so that all parties feel heard, validated, and understood while also leading to a more equal social class power balance.

'HOW IS YOUR SEMPI?' is a deeper, more real invitation, asked by one person to another, that covers 5 essential basic human needs (through the acronym SEMPI)

1. SLEEP/SAFETY NEED- the need to rest.
The need to feel safe.

2. EMOTIONAL NEED- the need for love, empathy, and to matter.
3. MEET YOUR BASIC SURVIVAL NEEDS- the need for food, water, clothing and housing.
4. PHYSICAL BODY NEED- the need to feel physically well in our bodies.
5. INCLUSION NEED- The need to be included in your community.
The SEMPI SCM is helping to create a world where people do not simply survive, but engage in a way that works to achieve invigorating internal and interpersonal satisfaction. You can read more at
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by SEMPI PSYCH August 14, 2018
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The assistant to a sensei.
The Office-
Jim:"Was that your mom?"
Dwight:"No, that was my sensei"
Jim:"Oh, I thought is was your mom."
Dwight:"I am now sempi, assistant sensei."

by zachakabob14 October 29, 2006
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someone you love so much that you want them so badly and you would do anything for them to notice you and if you really love your sempi you will kill girls who talk or look at them and you might kill sempi to be with them forever.
Blue: Love me sempi!!!

Red: Sempi

Blue: You noticed me sempi!!!

Red: What

Blue: Your my sempi and you noticed me!!

Red: Wtf is that πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
by JunkyTrowel September 12, 2018
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