What you yell to represent SoCal. The best place in the world. Short for SoCal Uncensored, a popular wrestling website and the name of a faction in Ring of Honor featuring Christopher Daniels, Frankie Kazarian, and Scorpio Sky. Made popular on Being the Elite.
Random person: "Anaheim is nice this time of year."

Me: SCU!
by Randall Longbottom October 11, 2018
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Santa Clara University: Jesuit university in the south San Francisco Bay Area known for its school of Business as well as other liberal arts and humanities. It also has a world renown (thanks to Bend It Like Beckham) men and women soccer team.
I go to Santa Clara University because their women's soccer players are HAWT!
by tensai March 21, 2004
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to make and/or create a movement of the bowels.
"i have to scu soo bad"
by ku and du August 23, 2008
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Sacra Corona Unita - mobster family currently in miami (mobfather: katz - sacra corona).
user{SCU} - a person who belong to this group.
by camorra February 22, 2005
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what began as an uneducated, ignorant form of "excuse me," the beauty bitches of richmond, va started using the term in excess after hearing it multiple times a day at their mutual place of beauty employment.
scu me, you got any samples?" "scu me, you not cute." "scu me, did i stutter?
by harshlove December 7, 2010
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Although it has probably been accidentally and infrequently used for centuries by uneducated english speakers, this degraded form of "excuse me" came into widespread use in the middle class area of the city of chicopee circa 1993. Scott Reed and his friends apparantly recorded the expression for the first time while creating sounds to import into a computer game they were working on. It has since gone into history as an expression used when immitating a retarded person. The expression can still be heard in it's original dialect in the local "food bag" store near the Chicopee Country Club. The Slushy Artist still chants "Scu me...scu me....scu me" each and every time he pulls the slushy lever.
the original recording: "Scu me why my shed burning?"
by Harrison Reed May 29, 2004
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