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Although it has probably been accidentally and infrequently used for centuries by uneducated english speakers, this degraded form of "excuse me" came into widespread use in the middle class area of the city of chicopee circa 1993. Scott Reed and his friends apparantly recorded the expression for the first time while creating sounds to import into a computer game they were working on. It has since gone into history as an expression used when immitating a retarded person. The expression can still be heard in it's original dialect in the local "food bag" store near the Chicopee Country Club. The Slushy Artist still chants "Scu me...scu me....scu me" each and every time he pulls the slushy lever.
the original recording: "Scu me why my shed burning?"
by Harrison Reed May 30, 2004
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Origionating in urban america circa 2004, this verb is used to describe any activity which cannot otherwise be described using the english language.
when witnessing something that isn't permissible, but can't be pinned down to a single term: "don't you be frog lumping man"
by Harrison Reed May 23, 2004
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translated into english as "oh shit, a xenomorph just popped out of my chest for the second time in Space Balls.


The last and only thing that the bowl of petunias thought on its decent to the surface of an alien, planet-making world.
"this soup is kinda sour...I think its turned...oh no, not again"
by Harrison Reed May 30, 2004
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"you see this kid *points to a largish kid* he's not fat, that's just the gas tank for his love machine"
by Harrison Reed May 29, 2004
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From the latin Zephyrus meaning god of the west wind, definition has changed in the 21st century to describe gas expelled from the anus.
"damn, someone cast some powerfully enchanted zephyrs in this room."
by Harrison Reed May 23, 2004
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