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This term is often used in the Hotel Business but is in everyday life it means
Surrounded by incompetence.
You know just everthing gets screwed up
How's your Day?

The usual SBI
by Ozboy February 10, 2009
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The acronym is for the phrase "Sorry 'bout it!" This phrase was invented as part of a joke in the San Diego Hillcrest area. Was designed to see how fast it could catch on, and how far it would spread. Was recently used in a youtube video in the What gays say in WeHo video. It has now gone viral and has spread all the way from San Diego to San Francisco to New York City.

Ties in with the same crowd in San Diego that penned OSG!
Is a response to someone that has no intention of apologizing for their actions or statements.

"That was a rude comment you made about her, just because she is fat."

"SBI", not my problem.
by johninsdiego January 20, 2012
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Sorry 'bout it.

Pretty much something you say when you want to get away with anything. And generally means you were NOT sorry about it.

Similar to my bad, but is generally always following an insult.
You girls are farkin scary on a night out. sbi
by Snow Leopard 21 June 29, 2011
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1: hey you wanna hang out tonight?
2: im hanging out with my real friends, sorry bout it (SBI)
by sbi March 16, 2009
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SBI started at Small Heath School in Birmingham, but now is used widely,

SBI means Stop Begging it
another word is DBI meaning don't beg it
Ambreen - Alum rock wicked clothes n da
Aman- SBI

Ambreen - get lost

Aman- well ur beggin it not my fault
by ir4m July 10, 2010
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Literally "Sorry 'bout it", SBI is what one says when one sarcastically feels bad about something or otherwise insincerely feels bad.
Yeah Max was like "You slept with my mother", and so I was like "'SBI!"
by sorryboutit November 26, 2010
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Stands for 'Stop begging it!'
show as if someone said
person1''i think your really pretty!''
person2''dont beg it,you said you didn't like her/him''
person1''yeah,i was joking...i think your so pretty by the way and i love your eyes and hair!''
by fox'ayy. October 12, 2011
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