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Shutter Brother For Life

Created on the night of October 13, 1998 when a lone shutter fell off a house in the 'Ville during the crack of the bat of Michael Tucker's go ahead improbable 3-run home run during the NLCS. The Falling Shutter started a gathering of friends and competitors that through life's trials and tribulations has become a Brotherhood. This Brotherhood unites friends and foes and is a place where wit and grit collide in fantasy sports and the pursuit of the Shutter Cup. This cup is filled with the taste of victory as it is passed on from one champion to the next.

Shutter Brothers are some of the most dedicated wingmen you could ever have and are there when you need them no matter when or where. You can recognize them in their gear by a single shutter slightly ajar located on their backs. If you are lucky enough to know one, they will be among the most loyal friends a man could ever have.
We are all Louisville First, Cardinals Forever but we will be infinitely united as Shutter Brothers for Life.

#L1C4 #SB4L
by marklistens August 29, 2016
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It's that guy who although gets on your nerves and does shit you hate, you can't stay mad at because of the times you've had. The guy who when you imagine getting stoned, he's there by your side. The guy who although he's a tight bastard will always give you ends on a joint, no matter what.
SB4L: Me and Reece! (You and your buddy)
He wont trust you, but he will make you laugh.
by DrConsuela January 31, 2012
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