Unconditional love in the purest form with angelic beauty. Sandra's the only girl who'll consume you fully. She's always on your mind and forever ingrained in your heart. Sandra's beautiful, funny, talented and courageous. She's a born leader and once you've met her you'll never forget her. She's wild and crazy and loves to party. Her voice is like an angel and her loyalty is unbreakable. Her pride, commitment and determination make her a natural born leader. And her stunning beauty combined with her charm and intellect make her the burning desire of those privledged enough in life to cross her path. Once she gives herself to you completely a soulmate you have found. She loves to learn and has more talents then the average woman. She's ferocious yet gentle. Kind yet a fighter. She has a healing touch and she gives the word perfection it's meaning. Her love is paramount and if you can obtain it cherish it forever because it's bestowed upon few. She loves her family and once she takes you in you are considered as such. If you're the one lucky enough for her to choose as a spouse then thank your lucky stars because through thick and thin she'll be by your side forever. Sandra can make you smile just by her site and find a silver lining for any Grey cloud. Her laughter is contagious and her heart is filled with loyalty. She's no quitter and doesn't accept "no" for an answer. Sandra is all that is beautiful and gorgeous in this world and the meaning to life
by Michalobe September 16, 2018
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Her family tend to call her Sandy (for short) Watermelon is her favorite fruit. She is a very nice, beautiful,sexy, intelligent (wild at times) girl with such beautiful eyes, sometimes a little shy but once you know her a lot more she can be crazy af ,a very hard worker person that never gives up in life & has been through so much in life but has never quitted, she is a very loyal lady. She will do anything when it comes to her family. When it comes to a relationship she loves to hug you so tight loves kissing & bitting your neck she will make you the happiest man on earth, just don't try to be slick with her because she aint stupid or you will end up losing her & you will regret losing a one of a kind girl.
Sandra is such an amazing girl.
She will make your life brighter even in your toughest times.
Funny yet crazy girl .
by Baby face 831 November 22, 2016
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Sometimes you meet a extra special person in your "time line" that makes all the other crap worth while getting you to this place in your life.If that person happens to be a gorgeous, sweet, loyal, sexy, honest female then you most likely found a Sandra. One of the true joys in life, she will make laugh,you can't think of her without a huge smile on your face. She can heal old and fresh wounds with a simple hug.She never pretends to be what she is not.
She's easily the best and most beautiful person you'll ever meet in this life.Then for sure she is a "SANDRA"!

I know this to be true "(Dirty Bit) because I know a "Sandra"

Words from the heart of,

R H.C.
If she's the loveliest person from a dream of perfection,you found a Sandra.
by tow boat February 08, 2016
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She has a heart of a angel. She's so sweet and perfect. She never fails to make you smile. She's beautiful inside and out. Her hair is as beautiful as a rose, eyes are are stunning as a diamond. She's strong and caring to. She sees the good in you even with all of your mistakes. She's one of the best friends a guy can ask for. She may think she isn't any of that stuff but she means so much to all of her friends.
Why are you so happy all the time? I have Sandra in my life.
by Cooldude19865 August 22, 2015
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A beautiful woman inside and out. A woman that's always there if you need her, a woman that's everyone's favourite person. Sandra is a woman among women she is accepting she accepts my preferences as I do hers. I am looking forward to the many more lunch chats I will have with this amazingly beautiful woman
by Sweetstudent69 September 28, 2014
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A sweet girl, tho if you’ve wronged her recently, you should probably apologize. She’ll be your friend but she’s not with that ruh rah shit.
Sandra is not messing around
by Palmtree beach 🏖 May 23, 2019
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A Sandra, especially one born under the star (sun) sign of Aries tends to be intelligent, witty, extremely open, honest & passionate and will do whatever it takes to uphold her morals. While these are extremely admirable traits, they also mean that they should never be crossed. Hope you are paying attention, you have been warned!!
On the flipside, if you do the right thing (and why wouldn’t you?) a Sandra will go out of her way to make your life beautiful.
While fiercely independent, a Sandra has both a strong sense of community and family and will do whatever it takes (regardless of personal cost) to defend and protect those that she cares about.
Do yourself a favour – find a Sandra; stocks are limited and they are (rightly so) in high demand.
Need a friend?
Look no further than Sandra

Sunday 28/12/2008
by Sandy28 December 28, 2008
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