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"Standard and Poors" is a credit rating agency; Standard & Poor's issues credit ratings for the debt of companies. As such, it has designated a Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organization by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.
It issues both short-term and long-term credit ratings.
It also publishes financial research and analysis on stocks and bonds. It is one of the top three players in this business, along with Moody's and Fitch Ratings.
It is also well known for its US-based S&P 500 and the Australian S&P 200 stock market index.
" I really took a bath on those S&P (SPX) 1050 calls (options reserving the right to buy particular derivatives based on the Standard & Poors 500 index, as you are speculating that the options are good to buy this is a positive position), after the Nikkei closed 300 points down"
by H Capote Thomson October 6, 2006
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Salt and pepper hair = mix of black and grey hairs
Now that my boyfriend is S&P he thinks he is George Clooney
by kct_pik July 14, 2009
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Salt and pepper........................Duh!!!
pass the s&p, dork boy!!
by Gina Marra August 27, 2005
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S/P means shift/pass, when you ask someone whether they would kiss (shift) or not (pass) someone
Would you s/p Emily?

Shift definitely, have you seen those lips 💦

S/P Lucy

Err no, she's mauldy
by Emily McNally February 14, 2017
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S&P stands for "Sunshine & Pussy" - a glorious, joyous, happy state for a man to find himself in. It is when everything in a guy's life is "clicking" and going great - the weather is great, he's having a happy time partying and enjoying life, and - most importantly - he's on a big roll with the ladies and getting laid a lot by many different women. In fact, he just can't strike out - every woman he hits on, he successfully beds.
Marsh: How's your life, man? How's your summer?

Craigar: It's been awesome. S&P, man. All sunshine and pussy.
by Jobin Shabe June 22, 2011
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<s/p> means spell check. Can also be used: sp, s/p, SP, S/P, <sp, <S/P>, s.p, s.p., <s.p>, <S.P well you get the point
Hey dude!
Wuts up? N-a-l-h, i had to go to the aquariom <s/p> today for some crap the teacher assigned me. Can you believe that?! Well G2G, bye!
by Insane February 7, 2004
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