Shorts and Bra. Girls sometimes wear only this while chillin at home, doing nothing special. Mostly done when extremely hot or to just be comfortable.
Boy: Can u video chat?

Girl: no

Boy: y?

Girl: cuz im kinda in S&B rite now...
by ThatOneGirllll September 16, 2011
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a) Secret!Because
-Used on the anonymous LiveJournal community Fandom!Secrets

b) the reason behind someone's lame/embarrassing/saved-me-from-suicide secret pertaining to their fandom/favorite characters or pairings
I hate Hetalia. S!B: all my friends love it and I'm afraid to tell them
by SirEdwin November 14, 2010
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My warrior uses s/b.
by entranced1 June 20, 2011
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Used to figure out what sexual preference someone is. Usually used by gays over video chat to figure out if the other person is gay.
Guy 1: hey
Guy 2: Hey, g/s/b?
Guy 1: straight. You?
Guy 2: Bi :(
by Culloc April 30, 2010
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Acronym for sweet baby jesus. Term used to express excitement, satisfaction, and exhiliration. Easy and fast to use when sending corporate-monitored emails.
S B J I can't wait to have a cocktail tonight.
That sushi was S B J.
by Hannah111 March 25, 2008
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