'S'hit and a 'S'hower, in that order! it's what you say to your friends when they ask how far away you are from the meeting place.
"how far away are you broseph?" "Imma take a quick S and an S and be on the way" "ideal"
by mrsocure January 5, 2012
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usually what most teenagers put in front and on the back of their names on various online social networking sites to make it seem like they're cool. usually have some thing to do with their life or some quote that isn't actually funny.
Hey look, {{pwnz)) only has 4 friends! Ha what a damn noob.
He only uses ""'s and ""'s and "("'s and ")"'s.
by maxatron October 22, 2008
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Age/sex/location/orientation/status. Derived from the word a/s/l the objection of this word get more information about the one you are chatting with. Commonly used when talking to strangers online.
person 1: a/s/l/o/s ?
person 2: 16/male/U.S.A/straight/single
person 2: you?
person 1: 51/male/U.S.A/Bi/single
*person 2 disconnected from chat*
by Smashking242 October 5, 2010
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The phrase, to be at 6's and 7's implies that you are at a loss, or in a state of ineptitude where you cannot reliably take acton.

The saying originates from a situation in 1327 and relates to the Guilds of Tradesmen in the City of London. The Merchant Taylors and the Skinners were founded within a few days of each other, five other Guilds having already received their charters. The age of each Guild dictated its position in the Lord Mayor's procession. The Merchant Taylors and the Skinners argued for fifty years as to which should go sixth in the procession. In the end, Sir Robert Billesden, the current Lord Mayor, decreed that they should take it in turns to go sixth and seventh.
Their defense was in utter shambles. They couldn't do anything right. They were at 6's and 7's.
by Trevor St. Clair October 9, 2011
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A fucktard who likes to put spaces in between every letter in a word.
"M y n a m e i s s p a s m a n d I ' m a f u c k i n g m o r o n"
by Cunt McBag December 31, 2004
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Big Ass Titties.
A phrase to say when you see a chick with huge knockers.
Alex: Ohh damn son, look at that girl! 10's and 50's, BIG ASS TITTIES!

Nunzio: I Love Boobies!
by BIG YETI DICK December 20, 2006
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