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the most perfect boy. he’s loving and caring and has the biggest heart. he has his issues just like anyone else but he’s different, because he wants to be different. he wants to overcome his mistakes and be the best he can. his personality lights up the room and can make you laugh like no other. he’s incredibly intelligent and nerds out about movies and music, but that’s why you love him. he cares about the small things and opens your eyes up to new and exciting things. he gives you a new perspective of life and brings out the best version of yourself. he comforts you and makes you the happiest you can possibly be. he loves you unconditionally and despite everything you’ve been through with him, he’s always there in the end. he’s perfect. he’s completely adorable with the hottest body and you can’t help but stare at him. he’s the perfect guy. not everyone can have a Ryver, infact, the majority can’t and won’t have one. but if you come across someone remotely like this, don’t ever let them go.
person 1: have you seen the new guy? he’s so cool, and such a cutie pie!!
person 2: oh yeah, that’s Ryver. i’d totally die for a guy like him
by iloveryver23 December 15, 2018
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The best person to walk the face of the earth. she is funny and crazy when shes wants to be. Shes also may love to sing at random times and is a good dancer.
She is a Amazing friend, if you ever meet a Ryver keep her as a good friend.
Friend: who's that girl over there dancing
Friend 2: that's probably a Ryver
by The cactus prinsess2334 November 19, 2018
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This NAME means sweet,loving and cares for all that are troubled and is a child of the lord and loves everyone and is VERY nice and kind to everyone even strangers
by Ava kyle May 10, 2018
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a short idiot that no one likes
Ryver=*knocks on door*
Girl=*opens door*
Girl*shuts door because she cant see him*
by Sarcasticc March 11, 2019
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Ryver is the type of girl who thinks
Shes hot stuff. She probably has multiple dudes she talks to and is the proper term for a hoe.
Damn look at Ryver, she really be like that?
by Myleshighway May 19, 2018
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