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(noun) A highly-skilled MMORPG player who isnt in your team but is pretty good.

Not always used in a complimentary way, though usage is often ambiguous. Often denotes an enemy player who is extremely tough to kill or fight against but not somebody you or your team will publicly acknowledge as having skills. Also characterized as somebody who talks in a strange, obtuse fashion on the forums.
I was sure some of my 500 attacks on his city would get through but he sniped em all.. He's a damn Ryche...
by dhaft August 08, 2012
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It is a real random player. It won't say shit that makes sense. It also likes jalapeno things. It's addicted to mmorpgs and it pretty much is that 'other' thing in the game that is also kicking ass. It hardly sleeps and when it does it wakes up for college, late to class. It has no job. It dwells in a cave underneath its parents house. It...It...It is not queensryche nor that artist. It is indeed, we all praise, the almighty, douche bag.

Also known as "Mountain Dew-sh Bag"
Ryche is it. You probably have a Ryche living near you.
by IRO fat ass September 14, 2009
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