a short gremlin, of Muslim decent, who has been sent to the world to rid all of those who don't believe in the holy light.
Marie " Omg i got attacked by a Rycelis last night!"

Jean " Did you pray to god? "
by lp033 May 3, 2010
The best person you will ever meet. Ryce is a real player that everyone thinks is funny. They love to draw and are smart also.
Man, I wish I were Ryce.
by AGuyWithNoLife May 10, 2018
Trendy Asian slang spelling of rice. Typically found among teenage Asian-americans who profess "Azn Pryde" while never having been to any Asian country or even speak their family's native language. Often found in AIM conversations and on Xanga.
Got ryce, bitch?????
by DirkD January 20, 2007
A person that wears a vr headset in their avi
Ryce likes to play vr
by cammy5000 March 12, 2018
Karlee Ryce is an amazing human being she is loved by many and hated by few on sundays she pours her heart out For Him and i love that so much about her. All other 6 days she is putting a smile on all of her friends faces and using her amazing voice to bless the people around her.
If ur a butt hole act more like Karlee Ryce
by Eazy~T September 16, 2022
A-Pro Fortnite Gamer likes pringles makes Fortnite maps
Aswell as very nice and kind.
Man I wish I was a ryce
by DigitalBlaze11 June 29, 2022