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Verb- To use your status and popularity to talk a girl into sleeping with you (who you have no real intention on dating) by talking mad smack about her boyfriend and ruin her relationship with said long term boyfriend.
"Man, how could you break up Jennifer and Jason?"
"Dude, I Ryan Wooded that girl!!!"
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Not only is this person notorious for his handsome good looks but he also has an amazing personality And can make anyone laugh within a couple minutes of talking to him. However, Ryan Woods is typically found attracting unworthy women or "thots" as some would say. Luckily, he doesn't always let them get advantage over him. Basically, if you have gotten with a ryan woods, consider yourself lucky.
"Wow she seems happy , what did she do last night?"
"You didn't hear... she got with Ryan Woods..."
by Bellaminnnn January 29, 2017
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