the act of sticking ones dick into a girls mouth right after anal sex
I gave the 2 dollar hoe a rusty nail last night
by scotty June 30, 2003
Gangster talk for a washed up has been or never was. riiight?
Elliot doesn't care if Steve Langford lives or dies, because langford is a rusty nail, a beef stew.
by Ultraback November 17, 2015
Fucking a girl on the rag, without washing up afterwards, and you wake up in the morning with a bloody morningwood. Resembling a rusty nail.
Johnny was dumbfounded when he awoke in the morning to see his penis resembling a rusty nail.
by Bruce S Johnson September 5, 2009
Courtney was on the rag, but I didn't care. I totally rusty nailed that bitch.
The act of performing anal sex and urinating at the same time. Upon removal resembles a rusty nail.
I gave my gal the rusty nail last night
by Fishdik April 7, 2011
A penis covered in feces, usually from anal sex.
"I was getting some backdoor action last night and when I pulled out I had one rusty nail."
by Mr. Hardware July 29, 2008