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When a person hangs from an object and kicks their feet in the air while a sexual partner licks the exposed asshole. This is slightly more of an advanced sexual technique than a simple rusty trombone.
That couple feels the need to decorate all of the rooms in their house with a Rusty Chandelier. But on their behalf, it really does tie the whole house together.
by Cookies-Pointman November 05, 2012
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The act of performing a Cleveland Steamer. Then, dipping your balls in the steaming pile, and performing a teabag.
My girlfriend was tired of the regular Cleveland Steamer, and she loves a good dirty sanchez. So I mixed it up with a Rusty Chandelier! She loved it.
by T-Mac1989 March 31, 2017
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The act of shoving your fist into someone's anus, and then opening it up, causing it to look like, and rusty chandelier.
Cindy had never felt the kind of discomfort she felt when Kyle gave her the old rusty chandelier.
by J-Ho402 February 24, 2008
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When your girlfriend is on her period, you're doing anal, and that bloody tampon string is dangling. That, my friend, is a rusty chandelier.
The rusty chandelier was swinging away last night.
by Gingykee July 16, 2015
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