3 definitions by texas_lexus

A prank pulled on a person by placing ones finger into a sweaty butt crack and then placing said finger in an unsuspecting person's ear with a twisting motion while saying 'Moist Michael!' Similar to a wet willie.

The female version is called a Moist Michelle.
I just got Ben back for drawing on me with a Sharpie at the party the other night by giving him a 'Moist Michael'
by texas_lexus January 10, 2011
A Muff Giggle is a rapid expulsion of air from a females vagina, typically following sexual intercourse.
Was that muff giggle I just heard, or was it last nights dinner?
by texas_lexus August 23, 2011
Group of guys hires a Russian hooker with a cold sore, pass her around the group, and see who catches the mouth herp.
Poor Steve caught the mouth herpes when we played Russian Hooker Roulette a couple weeks ago. He's gone through 3 tubes of Abreva.
by texas_lexus February 7, 2013