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RuneVillage is Runescape fansite that doesn't update to often. They also have forums where the creator, Hiker, begs for donations every month.
Tom: Hey you been to the RuneVillage website?

John: Yeah they didn't have the quest I needed help for and when I signed up for the forums Hiker ask me to donate him money because he is unemployed.
by zerrrro January 19, 2009
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RuneVillage is a fansite of the MMORPG known as RuneScape. The founder of the site, hiker, created the RuneVillage Community on November 13th, 2002. RuneVillage also has a chatroom and forums where users get to know eachother. And, in case you play RuneScape, there are calculators, databases, guides, and maps. So yeah, etc.
Bob : Hey steve, wanna go chat on runevillage?

Steve : stfu.
by Jackstick September 11, 2007
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