If you are good at something, someone is better.
Guy 1 :dude i am the best at halo!

Guy 2 :Rule 29

Guy 1 :damn it
by viajen April 23, 2009
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On the internet, all girls are men, and all kids are undercover FBI agents or Perverted Justice Decoys.
"Man, I just jacked with the awesome girl on omegle!"
"Did you see her face?"
"Well... No..."
"Rule 29, man."
by Roll Hodge September 15, 2013
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Referring to The Rules of the Internet. Possibly the most important rules of them all.

Rule 29 states: In the internet all girls are men and all kids are undercover FBI agents.

Rule 30 states: There are no girls on the internet.

Very useful rules to know while using online chat rooms.

normal teenager: r u a girl or guy?
girl(not): im a gurl.. cant u tell? <3
normal teenager: bitch step off i know rules 29 & 30


strange man: So you're 7, eh?
little boy(not): yes, why?
strange man: rly? im 8. do you want to meet in real life sometime??
little boy(not): Sir, this is FBI agent Michael Scarn, I hereby place you under arrest. Anything you say can and will be used against you.
strange man: DAMN. I wish I'd remembered rules 29 & 30.
by da tr00f June 20, 2009
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Only he/she who hits pause may hit resume.
Gaming Rule #29
by alzyf Bobbert August 7, 2011
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