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"Never date a co-worker." From the all-important (and sometimes hypocritical) rules of Leroy Jethro Gibbs of NCIS.
Ziva: "Tony, we cannot break Rule 12."
Tony: "Why not? Gibbs and Jenny totally did."
by dinozzosgirl February 07, 2010
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Romance between coworkers never works out.

(Originated from S.A. Gibbs' unwritten Rules, per NCIS)
TONY: I love you, Kate, but we can't break Rule 12!
KATE: Screw Gibbs and his rules! We belong together.
by MissNoodles June 23, 2006
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Downloading unnecessary porn when you are horny, then deleting after finished.
After I finished looking at porn, I rule 12'ed the torrents I was downloading while horny and fapping, by going back after I was done and deleted the downloads in progress.
by Psilocybe Tim March 14, 2008
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An amazing website similar to sythe(dot)org, but only in the sense that is dedicated to Runescape cheating. This website consists of different forum sections pertaining to general discussions, graphics, computer programming etc. Rule-12 members are noticeably more respectful and polite than most other forum users. Overall, Rule-12(dot)com is the epitome of Runescape Cheating/Black Market websites.
Loser: Hey man, come to sythe!!!11!!

Better Person: And get hacked, scammed, and spammed? No thanks, i'll go to Rule-12
by Rule-12 December 28, 2008
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