Generally defined as "Don't take the piss." Often quoted as an in-joke, to someone making a foolish suggestion or just taking liberties.
You can do anything you like, mate, but Rule 7 applies
by Tzanti September 2, 2006
Ed: Yo, Dave, manager says we will probably get a promotion if we meet the sales expectations for this quarter.

Dave: Yeah, don’t get your hopes up on that one, Ed. Rule 7 The cake is a lie.

Ed: Really, aw crap.
by TerrorKingMugen November 28, 2010
Rule 7 - If it can be done, the Japanese have done it better. If it can't, they have.
"God... I have been playing Dark Souls a month and still no progress man..."
"Rule 7 - Some Japanese guy beat it in 90 minutes."
"What the - HOW!?!?!"
by VERTIGO7 October 20, 2011
Where a user of a chat site (omegle, chatroullete, etc.) will not:
a. Disconnect from a conversation
b. Direct the flow of a conversation
c. Lie about an answer to a question*
*the only exception is if asked for social security number, phone number, full name, or anyway they can know who you are in "real life"
Stranger: So what do you want to talk about?
You: well, I can't really decide, I use rule 7.
by chat_cat January 31, 2011
Respects the Rule 7
Dude 1 : Hi dude, you have some news?

Dude 2 : Yeah the Rule 7.

Dude 1 : What's that Rule?

Dude 2 : Respect the Rule 7.

Dude 1 : Ok so tell me what is that Rule.

Dude 2 : Respect the Rule 7...

Dude 1 : How can i respect it if you dont tell me what it is!?

Dude 2 : I just said what is the Rule so respect it!!

Dude 1 : But what is it!?!?

Dude 2 : Respecte the Rule 7!!!



by Master LiLink December 31, 2011
"Rule #7 says, 'Don't touch the women, but they can grab whatever they want to.'"

Rule #7 is a rule created by Christian Kane, a bad-ass country rocker who created a song called "The House Rules". In "The House Rules", CK (as known by the "Kaniacs", aka Christian Kane's fan base) pointed out that Rule #7 means "Don't touch the women, but they can grab whatever they want to."
Don't touch them women, boy---that's breakin' Rule #7!
by Pontius' Girl May 2, 2010
Defined by Christian Kane in his hit country-rock song "The House Rules": Rule #7 is don't touch the women, but they can grab anything they want to!
Rick: That girl in the cowboy boots is hot!

Dan: Rule #7, man!

Rick: I know, I know - I'll keep my hands to myself - but she doesn't have to!
by Juniper714 May 1, 2010