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Rule 34A states that it is impossible to invoke Rule 34 on itself; however, as mentioned as a clause for some definitions of Rule 34, abstract concepts cannot have rule 34 invoked upon them. This makes Rule 34A entirely unnecessary as Rule 34 is an abstract concept itself and thus cannot be invoked upon itself, making Rule 34A unnecessary. However, Rule 34A could become the "No Abstract Concepts" Clause.
Guy 1: Rule 34 on Rule 34!
Guy 2: Denied, Rule 34 Exception. Rule 34 is an abstract concept and can't be Rule 34'd.
by VERTIGO7 August 10, 2011
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Rule 7 - If it can be done, the Japanese have done it better. If it can't, they have.
"God... I have been playing Dark Souls a month and still no progress man..."
"Rule 7 - Some Japanese guy beat it in 90 minutes."
"What the - HOW!?!?!"
by VERTIGO7 October 19, 2011
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