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Relation to the original topic decreases with every single post.
Me:What a nice day.
Person 1:ya unusually great
Person 2:*makes a spelling mistake*
Person 3:Have you finished tomorrows homework??
Me:Fcuk, We Have a homework, FML!!(Rule 25)
by Maklak December 04, 2011
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In the event of damage caused to smoking devices, especially glass, (Bongs, Pipes, Bubblers, Steamrollers, etc.), The damager must pay for a new smoking device, and the first weed put into that smoking device.
No exceptions. Rule 22.
Man 1: ASSHOLE! You knocked over my bong!

Man 2: Rule 25, shitlick.

Asshole: Fuck.
by Absnt_Mindd_Profsr February 05, 2010
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whenever anyone fucks up or says anything stupid. all alcohol, weed, mushrooms, and pornography go to Jon.
victor: i think its time to go
brian: hit him
jon: *enforces rule 25*
by Jake Black Lucine February 16, 2008
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Rule 25, Is a old Rule that has been passed down for a long time. It is when someone wrecks or breaks things, in a ancient weed smoking burial ground. The punishment for this is : All weed, mushrooms, alcahol, go to steven,: and dan must pay
steve-_ "Dan WTF!?!?! Your Breaking rule 25
by Eric September 22, 2004
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