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The meaning is rise, ascent, ascending. She is the most beautiful, intelligent, brave person. She loves and cares for everyone no matter what. She will always be there for her family and friends. She has such a bright heart. When you first meet her she'll be a little shy but once you are close to her, she'll be herself. She is always happy.
Hey Rukaya how was you day?
by Carlos jacobs June 20, 2018
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Very popular female, destined for greatness. She would most likely be a super star or someone famous when she is ready. Is the most sweetest loving person as long as your on her side. She really loves and cares about her friends and family. She's all fun and games until there's no fun and games. Usually a Capricorn.
I want to be a Rukaya!
There's no life without Rukaya!
by πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ June 18, 2018
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Rukaya is a beautiful girl who is kind hearted and very smart she is the daughter of the profet Hussein.
Rukaya is so smart
by Ruru234life November 26, 2017
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