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If the existing defintions are true, I suggest somebody tells Robbie Williams before the authorities get involved.
"Shake your rudebox" ???
by Mel "Homey" Howells September 26, 2006
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doing something that is much shitter than your usual standard
robbie williams did a rudebox when releasing the song "rudebox"
by bonting June 09, 2010
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A very blunt person that voices their opinion when one dresses or acts like a skank.
-Did you see that girl? She looks like a total slut!

-Quit judgin'. You can be such a rude box.
by BGates25 December 09, 2011
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Should be spelled: RUDEBOXXX
My desire is to see you shake your rudeboxxx. Robbie's RUDEBOXXX is like fire and I feel like getting burned.
by Veeka: Gypsy Trainer May 14, 2007
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