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The most beautyfull thing you'll ever lay your eyes on
oh mygoodness, that must be a Ruci
by randyorton April 07, 2013
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the most funniest and craziest girl you'll ever meet, she is fine, top to bottom,lucious lips, massive ass. awesome techniques in bed that involves hilarious comebacks. made for big boys with muscles that can handle what she'a got in the trunk ;), she is heaven on earth. the best friend you'll want to have and ever meet in your whole entire life. she is beautyful inside out and knows how to rock a man's world. usually gets what she wants and has her eye on the prize. she can be nice, caring, sarcastic and feisty when she wants to be. usually friends with people who are exactly like her. she's a complete fucking goddess. that's wassup!
the world revolves around Ruci
all hail Ruci
I wish i had a friend like Ruci
Ruci makes me think of sex
by Xavier Hunter April 06, 2013
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she is the most wildest, craziest, hilarious and unpredictable person you'll ever meet. Makes life beautyfull with laughter. she laughs at the dumbest jokes with friends who laughs along with her, not because its funny, but because she's laughing, she goes along with the craziest ideas and still have the best of times
oh Ruci do it again
by shanedawson April 08, 2013
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