She is a best friend that stick up for you and will make you Laugh they have an infectious laugh. But you can make them sad by hanging out with others. They will always answer the phone and they are just an all around gem
Rubie is a gem
by Ezzymay November 02, 2018
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A thic bitch with a super phat ass that loves to take booty pics
DAMNNNN! That's one thic rubie
by 666anthony July 17, 2016
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Instead of saying cute which sounds too 7th grade, or instead of saying Hot which sounds too Ghetto, you say it's rubie.
He is sooooooo Rubie!
by IloveDavid October 27, 2003
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They tend to be the smallest in the group but also the prettiest. Boys want to be with her, on her and in her ;). Rubies tend to be mistaken as bitchy and moody but are actually sweet and will defend her bestfriend every time. Her ethnicity tends to be Chinese. Also Her mum cooks bomb food.
Rubie walked down the school hallway. The other students turned around, praying they don’t lock eyes with her
by Huggem/school May 11, 2020
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Death she will murder you in your slep
Hey yo did you see rubie she sceachy af
Yeah bro did you not know she murder 30 men
by Yamummmmmmy July 08, 2020
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The most amazing girl you could ever wish for.

She is absolutely stunning and simply just perfect, she's really insecure about her looks and claims she doesn't like compliments but deep down she does. She's really caring and sometimes people don't seem to appreciate that. She can be a little crazy but in a good way and always makes you laugh. She is the kinda girl guys wanna be with, sometimes for the wrong reasons, but when you get to know the real Ruby you never ever wanna lose her. If you're there for her she'll be there for you. She's unlike any other girl in the world, she's just perfect.
The only person that can make me happy is Ruby, I would do anything for her.
by never wanna lose you April 02, 2013
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