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Turning your neck to an unnatural degree in order to get a better view of a hot piece of ass.
"I think I got whiplash from all the rubberneckin' I did in Bratislava."
by Mervyn Skidmore July 24, 2004
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Some one who cannot stop staring while driving past another person walking on the street, or an object, turning their neck like an owl.
Person one, driving truck .. (staring) at the person on the street.
Person two, walking down the street :holy shit that person was rubber neckin
person three: jesus take a picture
by caseywasey July 19, 2011
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Getting so drunk your neck turns to rubber and cant support your head. Looking reminiscent of a bobble head.
Man Darcy Ross is fucking rubbernecked right now! he's the definition of rubberneckin'

Mark Powder and Josh Cardinal are so fucking Rubbernecked they just puked all over eachother!
by Rubberneckin' ross February 15, 2010
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The act of looking from side to side repeatedly when driving in unfamiliar territory and trying to find a specific location or marker.
Passenger: Whats that guy doing?
Driver: Which guy?
Passenger: The one in the car ahead of us.
Driver: Rubberneckin. Must be lost.
by luggs78 January 21, 2004
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