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A small town up close to the Canadian border in New York, that can easily be renamed to hillbilly heaven. Your neighbor may likely be your second cousin or an on-parole sex offender. Make sure to watch your kids. The town is a go-to spot if you're looking to go on a dollar store-spree because it has two of its own and a third in the making. The highlight is the towns favorite restaurant- McDonald's. Even that is getting torn down. If they keep it up, there will be no Champlain to add shit on to. the buzz of the town comes from its own high school, which is 90% pot heads. This town is one to love.
"Hey man we should go back to Champlain, NY this weekend."
"You mean that shitty town you grew up in? No thanks."
by Crankymonkey098 August 03, 2017
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