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When you take a hit and then cough when the piece is still close to your mouth, spewing the weed out of the bowl and getting it everywhere.

Just like Roundup, you're a weed killer.
Dude did Adam just roundup? Fucking asshole wasted the last of my weed. Let's go tell his co-parf about it
by Snack Sector Five November 01, 2012
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Damn that was a steezy ass kickflip son!
by niggaliciouszor April 29, 2007
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A term used at the stage of the night where you are desperate for action but to do so will have to lower your standards. (This term is specifically used when rating girls on a numbered scale). Instead of rounding up to the next whole integer, whack on 2 points for every girl...suddenly your prospects are much better.
Tom: Mate its 12:30 and ive got nothing tonight thinking what im thinking?
Zac: 'Round up' time!
Tom: yeees boi!
by Jakemax September 10, 2007
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Round Up is the weekend after Spring Break consisting of continuous parties by the frats of the University of Texas at Austin. All the sorority girls wear a clusterfuck of matching neon, all the other girls who never party go out just for the hell of it (or for their favorite rappers circa middle school), all the frat boys are drunk for 72 hours straight, and all the other guys are either a) so desperate to party that they pay for an overprices wristband or b) they sit inside their room watching Step Brothers.
In between the week of Spring Break and Round Up, zero fucks will be given for school.
by ngeo March 25, 2013
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Des moines Iowa Roosevelt high school's student newspaper. lead, designed, and edited by Emi Vilksin 2007-2008. a paper that strives to be taken seriously.

Iowa is one of very few states that offers student newspapers full adcantage of the freedom of speech. the roundup uses this right to publish controversial and news-worthy articles. this is an attempt to get high school students to be taken more seriously by elders and peers.
have you read the roundup? the wreck you were in was on the front page.
by Emi Vilks January 14, 2008
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