Also said as Ruffing or Rughing this is used like the similar phrases: "Giving Grief" or "Messing With"

Roughing is to harass someone.

Roughing someone up can also be used in a friendly manner such as when you: "Give someone a hard time."

Can include physical contact or simply verbal insults.
Person One: "Will you cut it out?"

Person Two and Three: "We're just roughing you up! Just giving you a hard time!"

Person One: "Whatever"

Person One: "Just go away!"

Person Two and Three: "Awww poor baby can't handle it?"
by Red Tail JHawk December 19, 2008
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A term used to describe some form of hard living. Like sleeping in a tent at muddy festival grounds.
I was roughing it the last time I attended Glastonbury. The mud was up to my ears.
by muzik February 08, 2007
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To steal or rob. Punked (See punk or punked for definition of punk)
That dude straight roughed you for your parking space dog.
by Ron John bored at work September 18, 2007
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When it really sucks! And maybe you can't do anything about it. Also, a way of showing compassion for another in an unlucky circumstance.
Man, I'm sorry.. That' Rough


Joe: What's up with you?

Tom: I have mad blueballs, this chick never puts out.

Joe: That's Rough!

Tom: Man, you don't know what Rough is! I'm 30 and still a virgin.

Joe: WTF? Really? That's Rough!
by fine how about this one January 25, 2012
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Not looking your best. Appearing like you just got out of bed or got hit with a frying pan.
I looked so rough freshmen year, what was I thinking?
by Fish3904 March 07, 2013
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