5 definitions by muzik

slang for Magnavox, a company affiliated with Phillips that manufactures electronics at an affordable price.
Guy 1: I just bought a magnavox tv, at best buy.
Guy 2: You bought a maggotbox? Get that shit out of here.
by muzik November 23, 2006
a type of car rim in which the spokes are designed to look like spider legs.
"....I'm ridin on them spiders..." - Paul Wall

by muzik July 30, 2006
as referred to in GTA Vice City, meaning Cocaine
stay off the idiot fuel for a few hours
by muzik October 6, 2006
A white styrofoam cup typically used in the south to drink Promethazine with Codeine cough syrup mixed with Sprite ("drank"). Possibly because of the abundance of Sonic drivethroughs in southern states which use styrofoam cups.
"I got that white cup thats full of that oil....." - Paul Wall
by muzik July 11, 2008
A term used to describe some form of hard living. Like sleeping in a tent at muddy festival grounds.
I was roughing it the last time I attended Glastonbury. The mud was up to my ears.
by muzik February 9, 2007