Adjective,: to be round in stature, unable to see testicles while standing upright, grotesque in physical appearance due to layers of fat on body
The Raw and Uncut is rotund to the point where gastric bypass surgery would do nothing to help his physical limitations. In fact, there is no known cure to date that would subside his rotundness.
by Dbells November 30, 2006
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A term generally used to describe a male or female of great obesity. Persons who are described by this term often seen to eat a lot of shit and don't give a fuck about what others think about the size of their fat asses.
Guy 1: "Hey look it's Billy with a smoking hot blonde!!"
Guy 2: "How the fuck does that Rotund asshole get so lucky! The fat fuck!"
by Bleeped June 23, 2017
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taking a girl from a party to a rotunda to try finger her
did you hear about that guy at billy's party? he wheeled some bird and took her for some rotundering, he touched her thigh but spewed and passed out before he could slip a digit and introduce her to a game of pong knuckle
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When a male shaves his pubes only to paste them back together on his crotch in the shape of an orb.
Did you see Jerry's rotund lint ball? It was very well constructed.
by The Grand Nippler April 1, 2015
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Jim: You have a crush on Taya?
Josh: no! She’s rotund!
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