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A Rosslyn is a female who is earnest, loyal, fierce and lovely. A Rosslyn fights for others without considering the potential cost to herself. She's a bit of a super hero, man.
The thirteen year-old girl smashed a window of the flame-engulfed house to save a small ginger kitten. Ginger kitty clawed up the teen's arms as she exited the glowing wreckage, but the girl held fast until they were both safe. "Now that's a Rosslyn!" said admiring onlookers.
by mer_kels April 20, 2015
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A women who is known for giving free blow jobs. She is commonly referred to as the knob goblin and will do anything just to get someones load on her face.
do you think rosslyn will blow me today?

Yeah man she definitely will!
by paul murphy November 11, 2013
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