A Rosina is the sort of person that you can always count on. Typically, Rosinas are particularly motherly, mature, level-headed and sensible. They are often perceived as being incredibly smart and will usually achieve the top grades in the class. Generally, under the facade of strength and being unbothered by conflict, they are actually quite emotional but don't draw attention it. Unfortunately, a negative to all Rosinas, they do have a tendency to complain quite a lot about a variety of things, but they are still immensely loved by all.
Emma was complaining the other day about Ruth getting drunk on the weekend... she's far too sensible.

Yeah, she's such a Rosina!
by Janice B. June 30, 2020
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She’s someone everyone needs in their life. She can seem bitchy or like a bitch at first but soon you will realize she’s a sweet, fun, funny person. She gets mad easy she isn’t shy, she knows everyone. She is really goofy but everyone loves her. She will always be a friend when you need one BUT if you make her mad or sad she does have a bad side and you do not want to get on it. Sometime Rosina can be annoying at some point but she is always by your side🥰
by Craftycrab June 26, 2020
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Having a man spoil you to no end, including cunnilingus, with out any benefit or reciprocation.
When she went Dirty Rosina on him he had no chance, he was indebted to her just by her mere presence, and must pay in every way!
by bridgegate June 10, 2020
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