the name of my mexican house cleaner who likes to greet me with empanadas and small mexican candies she keeps in her shirt

i love her:)
girl one: i loooove your sweater!
girl two: oh thanks! my super cool rosa made it last night;)

guy one: yo im having the craziest munchies..
guy two: oh tell rosa she'd be happy to give you an empanada she just made and some candy from mexico
by ariiiiiiiiiba January 26, 2010
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A type of male prostitute.
And a type of insult
MAN! that guy is rosa!
What a rosa!
Dude that girl looks like a rosa!
by jeremy lolsard September 22, 2006
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an example of a lower class butt fucker who goes around asking guys to butt fuck them.
i wonder if that rosa likes me
that guy looks like he would be a rosa
by Penis Luvr February 11, 2008
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rosa is a fat ass bitch that sucked up six black guys at once. she is in love with a guy named paul but secretly likes a guy named gary and caleb. If a cow and a whale were to mate the baby would be named rosa because the looks would be similiar so yeah dont date a rosa she is a bitch.. you gave me aids rosa so suck a fat one
she is a rosa
by fat guy200112 April 15, 2009
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a whore that steals boyfriends and is very manly and very large, is very ugly and not friendly has nappy hair and smelly breath. Has a twin that is much prettier then her
EW who is that? OH wait it's just Rosa
by momacita December 21, 2010
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The bitch that manages the apartment complex next to your house. The bitch that whenever someone does something like, throw a couch in her dumpster, throw cigarette buts in her driveway, or a dog shits on her lawn, she automatically comes knocking on your door blaming you. When it 100% isn't you, or your dog. The cunt that has 50+ tenants but blames you.
"Thay cum guzzling gutter slut Rosa came over here again today to blame me for the dick up her ass, so i told her off and slammef the door in her face"
by infamousbigrob October 03, 2013
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A girl who likes every boy she see's.She hates people named Jameal and somthines can be very angry because she doesent have enough makeup on to cover her bushy eyebrows.Mostly a mexican name.her dad might be black and her mom mexican and a different background for grandparents..so basically she is a mut..If u like very hairy dogs and hate a Jameal then u r in luck....
Nick I:that girl over there...the hairy one...I can tell by her mutness that she is a rosa...
by Nick I July 25, 2009
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