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A guitarist & multi instrumentalist that was notoriously underrated as a virtuoso & influence in the rock movement. Despite this he held a dedicated fan base most notable in european countries like Greece & France, some of his peers who enjoyed his music were Dylan, Lennon, Jimmy Page, J.Bruce, Albert King, BB King. His influence on guitarists ranged from Clapton, Brian May, Slash, Moore, Johnny Marr & many others. Apparently was one of the first artists to introduce the popular format of electric songs followed by acoustic songs in concert, also one of the first power rock trios ever formed (within months of Cream & Jimi Hendrix).
Most notable for his energetic performances, shyness offstage a paradox to his onstage persona, his battered fender strat that was worn down from 30+ years of touring & his sweat which was slightly acidic thus peeling the paint, last but not least his schedule of performances 250+ a year for decades.
Rorys death came from work overload & pill abuse (not stereotypical junkie, merely took pills when working heavily as he usually was).
Rory Gallagher unfortunately wasn't credited by Hendrix as the best guitarist, this is a rumor initially said to Phil keaggy an acoustic guitarist often considered the best acoustic guitarist. Snopes.Com (investigates myths) has a study into this quote that Hendrix apparently said.

Rorys music lives on through his dedicated & growing fan base, he is recognised as one of Irelands finest musicans. As of the time of this writing a posthumous release of an album that was unreleased in his peak during the 70s is about to be released titled ''notes from san francisco''. Irish Tour 74 is still recognised as a masterpiece of a live album & amongst his best works. Youtube ''million miles away/Walk On Hot Coals''......point proven of why he is considered so good
by dumguy1dumguy2 May 14, 2011
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Undoubtedly the greatest guitarist to ever have graced the face of Gods green earth.
Jimi Hendrix informed the world of this during a concert at Hyde Park, England.
Rory Gallagher was born in Rock Hospital, Donegal, Ireland and christened in Rock Church, Donegal.
The composer and performer of such great songs as "Out On The Western Plain", "The Mississippi Sheiks", "Lonely Mile", "Wheels Within Wheels", "Tattoo'd Lady", "Calling Card", "Big Guns", "Slumming Angel" and "Double Vision", etc.
This rock and roll GOD/LEGEND/SUPERSTAR/GENIUS(Etc.) must be checked out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The greatest Guitarist ever!
The greatest Irishman ever!
The man is a Legend!
Rory Gallagher reeks of awesomeness!!!
by Mr. Alan April 07, 2006
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