I only know one Ronnie and he’s got super powers over my (WAP)

No matter when or where he can turn on the waterfalls ! He’s so amazing that he’s already knocked off 4 different things from my bucket list ! He can be very kind and thoughtful and understanding and other times he’s as cold as ICE ! Ronnies are amazing kissers and lovers ! They can literally last all night long ! They do not have a realistic view love ! They think it’s foolish and not enough people take it seriously! I do not have a hard time saying I love you when I know the time is right ! Ronnies tend to make you fall in love with them but don’t intend on Keeping you around too long ! They can never completely commit to one person ! The fire is HOT be carful or you’ll get burned ! I love Ronnie with all my heart , I know he will never open his to me ! I wish we could go back !!!! Things were much simpler!
My Ronnie is the most sexiest man I have ever fell in love with <3
by Better than good August 24, 2020
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A guy who is really hot, all the girls love him, has a massive dick (at least 8 inches) and is awesome at everything he does.
"Wow I wish I could be a Ronnie."
by BOOBOT November 15, 2011
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Right so ronnie is a very popular person. Likes to hang around with his mates a lot. He is extremely sexy. Everyone knows ronnie.
Wow, I wish I could be like ronnie.
by Rrrrroooonnnniiiieeee February 1, 2016
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Ronnie is an incredible person. She is intelligent, clever, gorgeous, ambitious, kind, giving, understanding, heart-warming, and a strong person. Her friends would do anything to protect her and make her feel loved, even if she doesn't feel it. Knowing a Ronnie will increase your life expectancy to 100000000. Having her as a friend or best friend is a rare opportunity and gift from god so don't mess it up or take advantage of her or your relationship. If you are thinking of dating a Ronnie you best beware because if you even think of breaking her god damn, wholesome heart think again honey because her friends will come and break your face. To all the Ronnies out there you are amazing, keep being you. <3
Bitch: "Is that Ronnie?"
Us: "yeah."
Bitch: "She seems really cool, I wanna be her friend."
Us: *form a line to protect Ronnie from a toxic relationship that this bitch was trying to build* "Try us."
by Ahahahaajshahzjxjdn February 6, 2019
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A Ronnie has a split personality. One day she is super girly and the next she is super tomboy. A Ronnie has been through a lot but always stays positive. She is daring and does crazy things for the fun of it. She fun, silly, kind, caring, sometimes feisty, and very understanding. Ronnie is also probably the most GORGEOUS girl u may have ever see in ur entire life. If u date a Ronnie you will fall in love. She will be hard to get out of ur mind. She is an amazing kisser and AMAZING in bed! A Ronnie is also a really bad liar and has a beautiful singing voice....
by Ronnie Anne July 16, 2012
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Tell Lior to stop that or everyone will start calling him Ronnie.
by RamaX June 3, 2015
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A naughty, naughty, VICIOUS little boy.
And very loquacious (see defintion: loquacious jibe), I might add.
"I made you a cake. But I ated it."
- Ronnie
by Hannancheesesandwich & Caw October 17, 2008
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