A cute guy who is quiet and shy doesn't like to stand out in a crowd, sometimes left out, loses stuff easy, a little bit cheeky, smart person, bit athletic, really accident prone and a great friend.
Romel would hang out in a crowd and just stand there
by Aprophetspeakingstraightfacts October 25, 2018
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Going out of your way to do extremley nice things for your partner, significant other or loved one without ever being asked.

Public display of sweet, romantic gestures towards your partner, significant other or loved one .
He Romel'd me with a candle lit dinner and flowers on an ordinary Tuesday night.
by Azn Butterfly July 20, 2011
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referring to the sweetest, kindest, hottest, sexiest, handsomest, cutest, most caring guy that ever walked the face of the earth. nerdy, clumsy, dancer/singer/songwriter that has the ability to melt anyone's hearts, boy or girl. Has a smile that can make a girl go weak in the knees, a warm personality that will make anyone go crazy for him, and a body that'll make a nigga stop and say "DAMN YOU FIIIIINE!"

the epitome of wonderful. :)
Romel is so sexy, any girl would die to have his babies.
by Romel678 February 06, 2019
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A Sexy Beast . Who Loves His Physical Appearence And Loves His Friends . He Loves Video Games And Always Appreciates Everything He Gets . An Awesome Boyfriend To All Girlfriends
That Guy Is So Romell
Romell Is So Sexy!
by TheRealRolo27 December 17, 2016
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A real ass bitch who will eat a bitch up real quick with no remorse. and got a fat ass and can dress
romell TOO mf raww and he fine asf
by fat ass ayana June 02, 2020
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An iconic skinny but are we surprised? He's a daydreamer, a barb, And a Swiftie. His taste is superior and unrivaled. When other Stans reads his tweets they see hot boiling tea sipping down their screen and their entire house catches fire. A Stan twitter legend indeed
They did not snapped, they Romel'd
by @adeletsunami_ March 02, 2019
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