3 definitions by TheRealRolo27

A Very Calm Girl Who Is Very Competitive . She Doesn't Care What People Think Of Her And Only Looks Forwards. Very Passionate and Always Wants To Reach Her Full Potential.
Nessica Is So Calm
That Girl Should Be Like Nessica
by TheRealRolo27 December 18, 2016
A Sexy Beast . Who Loves His Physical Appearence And Loves His Friends . He Loves Video Games And Always Appreciates Everything He Gets . An Awesome Boyfriend To All Girlfriends
That Guy Is So Romell
Romell Is So Sexy!
by TheRealRolo27 December 17, 2016
A family , who looks out for each other . a YouTube Team Who Plays Call Of Duty. Is
Also Referred To Gang Who Cares For 1 Another !
NBD Nation Is A YouTube Team.
NBD Nation Is A Family Who Stick Together.
by TheRealRolo27 October 22, 2017