Hey I totally gave that girl a romantic dinner last night

Man I'd hate to give her a romantic dinner... I hear her pussy stank
by JeffSiddons April 29, 2009
A guy kicks his legs in the air and commences sucking his own dick while someone gets behind and commences tossing his salad. Then they place a candle on his "taint" between them and stare lovingly into each other eyes.
by forkindork August 5, 2011
When either you and or your partner makes food, or the two of you go out to a nice restaurant, and you and your romantic partner eat the meal together, by yourselves so you can enjoy each other's company and have a nice time together without being disturbed.
Natalie: How are you and Alexandra doing?
Zuko: We're doing pretty well. I took Alexandra out to Stoneforge for a romantic dinner last night; something we have not done in three to five months. We enjoyed it a lot.

Natalie: Good to hear.
by Vanguard 1998 February 28, 2021