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A Romanian who is a maniac, or who behaves in an unusual and hyper manner. Fusing the words romania+maniac.
That fucking Romaniac just kissed me.
by AudreyArtStar September 19, 2007
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A current or former inhabitant of Romania. The most dangerous and bizarre hailing from either Transylvania or Bucharest. Most are sports fanatics and have an unnatural affection for Adidas apparel. They do most things ass backwards, are extremely frugal, and seldom wear matching clothes. They are an incestuous group and eat third tier meats considered by them to be "pate." Yes. I coined this term in 2002 when not only did I work with a community of them, but had the misfortune of falling truly, madly, deeply, in love with one as well. One day, after living together for years and planning to marry, I found out he married a mail order bride, named Ioanna 1 month earlier that he met online and had only seen in person 2x. To this day, he refers to her as his "friend." Talk about being lost in Transylation!
I was with that Romaniac bastard everyday since 2002 when I coined this term until "Ioanna marry my boyfriend for a green card?" came along. I didn't find out until 5 weeks later, from my Grandmother no less, that he had a "friend."
by Czarina27 December 17, 2007
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